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Why we need an air purifier?

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  Generally speaking, a person needs to take in 1 kilogram of food, drink 2 kilograms of water and breathe 32 kilograms of air every day.According to the EPA research, people breathe in the indoor air pollution level is 2-5 times as much as outdoor air, sometimes as high as 100 times, and almost 90% of modern activities are carried out indoors.These pollutants are due to the outdoor automobile exhaust, industrial exhaust, etc. as the windows open into the indoor, the air will go out from the cracks and other places, but a large number of particulate matter will remain.

  As a result, long-term breathing of polluted indoor air can cause headache, dizziness, fainting, irritating eyes, ears, mouth and nose, and even lead to respiratory diseases such as allergies and asthma that are difficult to cure. Indoor air pollution has become an invisible killer that can not be ignored by human beings.In order to solve the problem of indoor air pollution, the United States Environmental Protection Agency recommends the use of air purifiers.

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