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10 facts you need to know about air quality

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  1. Humans breathe 11,000 litres of air (388 cubic feet) a day. The more they exercise, the more they breathe.

  2. EPA points out that indoor air quality is one of the five major environmental hazards that endanger public health.

  3. Even most people in developed countries do not realize that indoor air pollution may be even more serious than outdoor air pollution.

  4. Common indoor air pollutants include dust, pollen, fungi, dust mites, carbon dioxide, radon, smoke and furniture from smoking, cleaning supplies and chemical substances from other sources such as incense.

  5. Health authorities in Europe and the United States point out that indoor air pollution is two to five times more serious than outdoor air pollution (even 100 times more serious).

  6. WHO and other health agencies warn that indoor pollution can lead to many diseases, including lung disease, respiratory infections, asthma and lung cancer.

  7. Nearly two million premature deaths are caused by indoor air pollution caused by the use of solid fuels at home, resulting in diseases.

  8. Nearly half of all pneumonia deaths in children under five years of age are due to inhalation of suspended particulates in indoor air.

  9. Due to indoor air pollution, more than one million people die from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease every year.

  10. Indoor air pollution exists in both urban and rural areas. In order to save building materials, modern housing often has compact structure, which limits the air circulation and easily leads to indoor air pollution.

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